3 Tips To Plan An Amazing Trip For A Friend

3 Tips To Plan An Amazing Trip For A Friend

Here’s 3 tips to plan an amazing trip for someone else:
A friend of mine is travelling to Abu Dhabi for work and since she knows I have a way to book luxury accommodation for a fraction of the price, she asked me to help plan her trip. So I gave her a Tripsavr 2.0 Preferred Customer (“PC’) account and transferred some savings dollars to her. Click here if you want more information on how to do this. But being the friend that I am, I decided to go a little bit further and add-on some things to her trip as an unexpected surprise. The result? She loved it.

1. Plan things you know they’ll love

For example; I know she loves nature and is a bit of an eco-warrior, and Abu Dhabi is known for being a commercial hub so I wanted to make sure she saw some nature there. I sent her to the Mangrove National Park (https://www.ead.ae/Pages/Mangrove-National-Park.aspx), it’s one of the best natural habitats for aquatic animals and birds, giving the entire park a rich biodiverse ecosystem. It’s a must see for nature lovers! She also went on the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Overnight Tour in Bedouin Camp, which was booked on her Tripsavr 2.0 PC account.

2. Find unusual places or activities to do
There are lots unusual things to do in Abu Dhabi since most people don’t live near a desert! Camel racing (at the right time of year), desert safari’s, and you could visit Masdar – the first zero carbon city. I sent her on a Tripsavr Tour of the Falcon Hospital, which surprisingly is a huge tourist attraction. Imagine a hospital being a tourist attraction, but my friend really enjoyed herself there!

3. Book something luxurious
Staying in a 5* hotel is my idea of luxury, especially when you have the chance to use their spa and wellness facilities. She used her Tripsavr account to book a room at Al Raha Beach Hotel. Tripsavr has made this affordable for her and I earned travel credits, which I’ll use to pay for my own rooms when I visit lovely Abu Dhabi one day soon.

My friend saved more than 30% using her PC account and I earned $53 in travel credits!!! How amazing is that?! My friend is now an IR and is sharing PC accounts with all her friends too. This really helps grow my network. After all this planning and listening to her stories, I’m itching to visit Abu Dhabi myself, very VERY soon!

My tripsavr 2.0 Benefits

Abu Dhabi Trip Benefits
Al Raha Beach Hotel 4D3N $229 (normal price $382)
Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Overnight Tour $132 (normal price $149)
Falcon Hospital Tour $30 (normal price $46)
Total Savings enjoyed by my friend $186
tripsavr Credits Earned $53

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